Regional Emergency Medical Sercices, Inc. (REMSI) was created in 1995 in order to combine all existing volunteer rescue squad units in Pulaski County into a single organization. Training Exercise In addition to volunteer rescue personnel, REMSI utilizes career personnel to provide services during periods when squad personnel are not available. The REMSI Training Center, developed in the Spring of 1999, was created with funds provided by the Carilion Community Health Fund. Training ExerciseThe Training Center provides training and continuing education for Emergency Medical Technicians throughout the NRV. Additionally, the Center is preparing to offer both CPR and first aid courses to local businesses and industrial facilities. REMSI administrative offices are also located at the Competitiveness Center. In order to support field units, the training and administrative staff is assigned an ambulance in order to further reduce response times to emergencies and support other ambulance units.

For further information, contact Joe Trigg, 6580 Valley Center Drive, Box 5, Radford, VA 24141 (540) 633-6738.

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