New River Valley Business Center
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The New River Valley Business Center is a 54,000 square foot facility. It includes a business incubator containing 31,500 square feet, offices of several New River Valley regional agencies consisting of 6,000 square feet, and shared spaces containing 16,500 square feet.  Rent is based on services provided to the tenant and the space rented.  Annual rent ranges from $10.50 to $20.00 per sq. ft. and includes utilities, use of equipment, and use of common areas such as the conference room.  The facility and site are designed for the mixture of services, employee, and visitor uses.

(Click on the maps/pictures to enlarge)

Complete Floor Plan

Complete Floor Plan of the NRVCC

Training Room

Training Room at the NRVCC

Conference Room

Conference Room at the NRVCC

New River Room

New River Room at the NRVCC


Manufacturing/Industrial Area

Manufacturing/Industrial Space of the NRVCC

Light Manufacturing Bays

Light Manufacturing Bay at the NRVCC

Small Industrial Bay

Small Industrial Bay at the NRVCC

Large Industrial Bay

Large Industrial Bay at the NRVCC


Incubator Office Area

Office Area of the NRVCC

Single Office

Single Office at the NRVCC

Office Suite

Office Suite at the NRVCC

Available Space (Click on available spaces to view video or picture)

NRVCC Available Space Video of Room 148 Picture of Room 158A Video of Room 159 Video of Room 181 Video of Room 313 Video of Room 165 Picture of Room 169 Picture of Room 172 Video of Room 178 Video of Suite 332 Video of Room 329 Video of Room 325 Video of Room 324


Last Revised: 12/16/13